The Carwash Operating System

The Carwash Operating System is a Task & Maintenance Management software solution designed for the car wash industry, by carwash owners. It enables you to get things done to maximize performance at your wash locations.
Maintenance TasksRepair Work Orders, and Checklists are all automated to drive operational consistency and efficiency. Wash owners and operators gain improved visibility and accountabilitythrough the ability to monitor what’s happening at a site, and to review the work that has been completed or is past due. The result is increased up-time and reduced maintenance costs, to deliver a consistent customer experience and increased profitability.
The Carwash Operating system is a secure cloud-based software solution. You get all of the functional benefits, without the effort and expense of installing and maintaining software or apps. All you need is an internet connection and wireless devices, like a tablet computer, and you are ready to start using the Carwash Operating System to manage operations at your car wash.

Functional Summary


Task Dashboard

Intuitive dashboard provides quick & easy access to what needs to be done next. Managers can monitor and assign tasks, with full visibility to the entire operation – for a single site or multiple locations.


Repair Work orders

Comprehensive Repair Work Order functionality, including integration with related equipment, parts, tools, training videos and manuals. It’s a maintenance management software solution designed specifically for the needs of car wash operators.



Flexible checklist capability allows you to automate all of your operations task checklists, including car wash opening and closing lists.


Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled and preventative maintenance tasks are automated and performed consistently, resulting in increased up-time and reduced maintenance costs at your car wash.


Asset Management

Asset Management functionality includes the ability to track all equipment, components, parts, tools, and quickly view the status of any asset across your entire car wash operation.



Assign, delegate, route, approve, and escalate any task or work order to support your specific needs and the complexity of maintaining your car wash operations.

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