Featured Client Story

Wild Blue Car Wash, a highly successful exterior express car wash with three locations in Colorado, was challenged with improving productivity with its maintenance operations and managing maintenance expenses. With a paper-based maintenance and task management system, it was difficult to monitor what was going on across multiple wash sites at any point in time. This lack of visibility also resulted in poor accountability from the car wash staff when it came to explaining why certain tasks or maintenance work orders where not completed (or not completed properly).

“What’s the status of this repair work order?”
“Why has that scheduled preventative maintenance not been completed?”
“Who completed this task?”
“What equipment is not working at the wash?”

All of these questions, and many more, were difficult to answer with the old paper-based maintenance process at Wild Blue Car Wash.

After evaluating many of the available computerized maintenance management software solutions and the enterprise asset management software options, Wild Blue quickly determined that those systems are designed for significantly more complex manufacturing or large industrial companies. The maintenance management software solutions Wild Blue evaluated were simply not designed for the specific needs of the car wash industry. 

Wild Blue needed an easy-to-use, cloud-based (which makes it easy to deploy and maintain) solution that allowed for the automation of repair work orders, scheduled and preventative maintenance tasks, and checklists. 

The result was the development of the Carwash Operating System – a task and maintenance management solution for car washses. The Carwash Operating System allows Wild Blue to automate all of their maintenance management tasks, and other operational tasks like opening and closing checklists, with complete visibility and accountability across all of their car wash locations. The resulting efficiency and consistency, at all wash sites, has also improved wash up-time and reduced maintenance expenses.